Holiday Gift Sets. $25.00

We now have holiday gift sets to stuff into stockings! Choose from (4) 2oz votives of our best selling holiday scents or (4) 2oz. votives of our best sellers. 


  • Christmas Bush (Cypress and Bayberry)
  • Sniffin' on Gin & Spruce (Juniper Berries and Spruce)
  • Not a  Pumpkin Candle (A great fall candle with a slight hint of orange, ginger and spices)
  • Juice Box (Cranberries, apples and spices)

Best Sellers:

  • Gentlemen's Den (Cedar and Leather)
  • That's What She Shed (A bright Lavender and Lemon)
  • Between the Sheets (Fresh Linen)
  • Sweet Child O' Wine (Wild Cherries and Merlot)